Southern Cross Quilters is an online quilt group for Australians and New Zealanders and expats of those countries.
Currently hosted at YahooGroups, SCQuilters has existed since 1994 and has about 2200 members.

To join the group, go to and read the instructions. Don't forget to tell us your affiliation with Australia or New Zealand and provide us with your location and postcode.

10 June 2014

Sydney SCQuilters

Photo by Pennie Griffiths, used with permission
What are those Sydney SCQuilters like? Very chatty, very generous, very clever, very inspirational and very noisy, according to Pennie on their blog, and that's an eyewitness account!

At their meeting this month, there was hand piecing, hand quilting, crochet, knitting, bobbin lace, applique, sashiko and hand embroidery going on, so you could add "very diverse" to the description.

You can see photos of their very happy meeting on their blog including some fabulous show and tell.

They meet 1st Saturday of the month
Blue Gum Hotel, Waitara
10am till about 3:30pm
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