Southern Cross Quilters is an online quilt group for Australians and New Zealanders and expats of those countries.
Currently hosted at YahooGroups, SCQuilters has existed since 1994 and has about 2200 members.

To join the group, go to and read the instructions. Don't forget to tell us your affiliation with Australia or New Zealand and provide us with your location and postcode.

SCQuilters Rules

Every group has rules that govern the way people interact in the group. Sometimes these rules are unwritten, and you are expected to know them. In our case, we have a written list which we expect all SCQuilters to read, at least once, and follow on list.

1) Include a clear and specific subject line.
2) Keep all emails 'on-topic' of the SCQuilters list, ie quilting.
3) Edit any quoted text,ie a message you may be replying to, to a minimum. Check to see what your email software includes when you do a 'reply to', as you may need to delete part, if not all, of the message you are replying to. Sometimes, it is helpful to include just a sentence or two of the previous email, to assist with continuity.
4) When replying to someone, make sure it goes to them privately and not to the group, unless it is giving general information that everyone will be interested in.
5) Do not send ONE line or 'me too' replies.
6) Keep your tagline/sigline to NO more than four lines, which should also include your name/signature.
7) Be careful about what you send. If you write in the heat of the moment, don't hit the send button immediately. Think how the list, or individual recipient, might react to the message. Would you say these comments direct to someone standing in front of you? Is it appropriate to send to the whole list, or just the individual? When in doubt about sending an email, go and have a cup of tea, a drink, or save the message overnight and read it again in the light of a new day.
8) All mail should contribute to the group. A bit of commonsense is called for here.
Please don't ask for e-mail addresses on the list; ask the mods or guides or check the membership at Yahoogroups.
Don't ever send "Betty please mail me, your mail is bouncing" messages! She won't be getting group emails either, but the rest of us will.
Especially, don't start your mail with 'sorry to send this to the list, but ...', as this shows you know you are breaking the rules but what the heck you're going to do it anyway!
9) Thank-yous for your blocks/swaps/angel gifts are better sent to the individual than to the whole list. If the senders haven't sent a legible e-mail address, you can assume they don't want to be thanked.
Wanna know about a swap? Look in the files at the web page at Yahoogroups or ask the guides; don't post to the whole list.
Thank-yous for any angel goodies should always go via the Archangel, or you are telling *your* mortal that you are in the swap.
10) Do not flame, spam or USE ALL CAPS. Flaming is sending unpleasant, hurtful, rude emails, spamming is sending multiple emails, and all caps is seen as SHOUTING.
11) Do not forward chain letters, virus alerts, or anything similar that you might consider 'junk' mail. Viruses can not be sent by email, though viruses can come in attachments to emails.  All attachments are stripped from SCQuilters emails. No matter how important you may think this in formation is, it usually isn't about quilting. If you're really concerned, tell the moderators.
12) Cross posting, ie post the same email to more than one mailing list in a single email, is confusing to members. When someone on the other list replies-to-all to that email, we are getting mail from another list, which can become really confusing and lead to big misunderstandings.
13) Do not send attachments to the list. They'll just get stripped out anyway.
14) We prefer your mail options to be set to send in Plain Text, no cute signatures or fancy fonts please. If you see:-
[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
at the end of your email, that means you have sent something other than plain text. Yahoo treats these things as attachments.
15) SCQuilters email is not to be used for illegal or unethical purposes. Do not forward list emails to non-members or reuse list material in other forms without the express permission of the writer. To do so is rude, and you may breach their copyright. The list isn't to be used to attack individuals or businesses.
16) Email is not necessarily private, do take care with what information you share online. Our files are only available to members, but we can't ensure every one of them follows the rules. We can only set up appropriate consequences for misuse of information, not prevent it.
17) The SCQuilters list may not be used for commercial postings. Please use to advertise your business. You will need to become a member.
Business people may mention their business in their signature lines, using the guidelines in rule #6.
You may write and praise a shop you have visited, but you may not do so if you receive any benefit, monetary or otherwise, for doing so. You may not advertise any business where you work, or which you own or obtain benefit from. You also may not advertise your friend's business for her/him.
You may share your private sales in the group, as long as these are infrequent. Ebay sales are banned, regardless of whether private or commercial.
18) If you see someone breaking the rules, please don't post either  to them or the group, reprimanding them. Leave it to us. If you feel strongly about a situation, please bring it to the moderators' attention.

If someone obviously breaks the rules, they will receive a reminder message from one of the moderators, Michelle, Dawn, Suzy, Nola, Chris and Fiona. If you receive this sort of message, please remember that these people are just trying to keep the list on track. Pause, reread these rules and review what you posted before taking offence.

If someone keeps on ignoring the rules, their mail will be set to moderated mail for three months. This means that it must be read and approved by a moderator before being sent on to the list. All new members are automatically set to moderated mail for three months, to allow them to understand how the group works.
Repeat offenders will be set to moderated mail for a further three months, to read only, which means they can read the mail but not post, or they may be unsubscribed from the list.
Generally, this is a step by step process, giving people time to mend their ways.

However, people who send really nasty messages may leap to this point immediately! You're not welcome here.