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31 August 2013

Virtual Quilt Show: Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller

I've been working on my first series of art quilts - a challenge with two other artists (one a painter, one a potter) for an upcoming gallery show - my first - in February. We are using the theme "refractions" for the challenge, and we are each to come up with 10 pieces. One of the definitions of "refraction" is what happens when something passes through another medium and changes (like light passing through a prism). We decided to each do a piece based on one of the other artist's work, translating it through our own medium. Eileen (the painter) did a lovely canvas of a sunset over Lake Cowichan, just north of us on Vancouver Island. I loved it. I took a Quilt Design 2-day class with Katie Pasquini Masopust earlier this year, and used her idea of subdividing the sections to add interest. I loved doing this, and look forward to the next one I can try another of her excellent suggestions on.

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Domac said...

Love your quilt!